10 Amazing Things Cats Do to Say “I LOVE YOU”

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Although my cat cannot speak, he is always trying new ways to communicate with me. Whether meowing because he’s hungry or scratching my legs because he wants to get my attention, he’ll always try to show me what he’s thinking.

Although we have not yet been able to decipher their small minds, in many cases they send us signals informing us that they love us madly. 

Just as there are different behaviors in dogs to communicate their love to us,  experts also claim that cats have specific ways of saying “I love you.”

Check out this unique list of things our cats do to communicate their love for us.

Although you already know some of them, most are quite surprising. You will find that they love you much more than you thought!

1- Bring a gift for you

You may be used to having your cat bring gifts such as toys or small dead animals. This is your cat showing your love.

Animal behavior expert Amy Shojai says, “Cats love giving gifts. They are powerful hunters who capture everything from toys, insects, frogs, mice… and usually share it with their owners. If they bring you something like that, you should praise him.

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