12-year-old boy sews little toys to encourage adoption of dogs and cats

Darius Brown, 12, designs and sews butterflies to help the adoption of puppies and kittens. With the idea, he became an entrepreneur and has already received praise from former US President Barack Obama.

from sonoticiaboa.com.br

The teenager, who is from New Jersey, USA, creates handmade ties and donates to animal shelters to attract the attention of future adoptive pets.

The boy was born with difficulties of speech, understanding, and motor. Even so, at the age of 8, she began to help her older sister cut fabrics and make loops to help her develop. It was there that he had the idea to create the little things since he is in love with pets.


from sonoticiaboa.com.br

Three years later, at age 11, the child founded “Beaux & Paws,” a company specializing in unique and stylish butterflies ties for pets and their owners.

The young entrepreneur donates countless grains to shelters in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Dazhai, the 21-year-old sister, organized a “kitty” online to help the boy visit 5 American states with his little grains. “He motivates me and inspires me every day. He’s an incredible young man and I’ll do my best to help him on his journey, “he says.

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