A woman can’t support a cat and is forced to leave her on the street with a note: ‘Goodbye, Violet’.

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When Violet, a well-groomed kitten, arrived at the Animal Shelter in Effingham, Illinois, Monday, it was immediately clear that she used to have a home. “She is very, very sweet and loves fondness on the head,” wrote Michaela Muzzy, Violet’s rescuer on Facebook.

Also, around the cat’s neck was a pink collar with a note attached.


The note left was written in purple pen and read:

“Bye, Violet. I think that name chose you. I wish I could keep it. Bye, Violet, I hope you get a good home. To the owner: Please take good care of her. By the way, I gave you your name. Thank you! Love, Lacey. ”

The sincere words in the letter moved everyone in the animal shelter. It was not just a stray kitten there, but there was a child somewhere who missed him.


“It moved our hearts a lot,” said Vanessa Skavlem, a shelter animal control officer. “I just imagine a child loving this little animal and knowing he can’t keep it.”

No microchips were found and unable to contact Violet’s former owners, they posted a photo of her and the note on social media.

As in the shelter, the child’s appeal to treat her kitten well moved many netizens, including Cindy Murray.

When Cindy first read the post on Facebook, her eyes filled with tears: “You can tell it was written by a child,” the woman commented. “You could tell she loved this cat, but she just couldn’t keep it anymore and wants a good home for her friend.”


Cindy had her day off from work, so she considered stopping at the shelter to find Violet.

“I took a print from the post and sent it to my husband at work and said,‘ I want to adopt this kitten. ” And he said, ‘You know I can’t stop you. If you want, go get it. ”

The woman realized that the little cat was nervous in the shelter, so she decided to take her home that day. And when she returned to a loving environment, Violet finally began to relax: “She seems to be very happy,” he commented.

“I thought of making a short video for this girl saying,‘ Dear Lacey, I adopted your beautiful Violet. She’ll have a wonderful life – full of goodies, cuddles and everything we can give her, ‘” said Cindy.

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