Abandoned kitten falls asleep in her savior’s truck and he doesn’t have the heart to wake her up

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A young man found this little kitten in the middle of a busy street, picked it up and put it in the truck. “I found this little snoring ball as loud as a train!”

The first reaction of the newly rescued kitten was to climb to her shoulder.

abandoned kitten sleeps lorry 2

“She was crawling on the street in an area surrounded by woods, someone might have left her there,” said Matt, who took the animal to the vet the next day so that he could be seen and got rid of all the fleas. “As soon as we left the vet, she immediately fell asleep in the truck. I didn’t have the heart to wake her up when I got home, so I kept quiet with the radio off for an hour until she woke up. ”

abandoned kitten falls asleep lorry 1

Today she is living happily with her new family and another rescued cat

abandoned kitten sleeps lorry 3

Just being careful not to turn on the radio to not wake up the animal denotes an incredible love and concern… we are sure that will be very well treated!

Source portaldoanimal.org