Cat with 4 ears and one eye is finally adopted and knows happiness

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Meet Frankie, short for Frankenkitten. As you may have realized, Frankie is a little different, but special for many reasons. He has four ears and had to have one of his eyes removed. However, if you told him that he didn’t fit the “standards”, he probably wouldn’t understand you. After going through all that fate preached to him, this resilient kitten adapted to live in this sometimes unfair world and after his foster family came into his life, he realized that she would always be ready to support him when things got tough. .

Frankie was born with four ears under a suburban house where he was found with his brother

“He was born under a suburban house of a wildcat,” Frankie’s owner Georgi Anderson told  Bored Panda . “He was met with a living brother, but there may have been more who didn’t survive. The owners of the house took Frankie and her brother for several weeks to socialize and fatten them before taking them to the shelter for medical care and a possible home. ”

Its four ears are the first features people see in it. “He also has a very large overbite that gives his face a very angular look. He arrived at the animal shelter with two eyes, but one eye broke and needed to be removed. Frankie also has problems with his hind leg joints – his knees don’t look good in place, so he walks with his legs open and his knees often come and go. ”

It also has a great overbite that gives your face an angular look.

“Because of his overbite, his lower canines were piercing the roof of his mouth. He also needs his knees to be operated to stabilize his joints, but I am saving money for that because it is very expensive, ”said Georgi. “He also underwent a dental procedure to cut his lower canines just a few millimeters above the gum line.”

Removal of the eye allowed it to survive as the infection would become septic and kill it.

“I worked at the animal shelter around the time Frankie arrived. I was also a pet caretaker, so I was asked to adopt him for a week while he recovered from eye removal. ”

“It wasn’t his unique look that made me stay with him – it was his sweet demeanor, the way he explored his difficulties while seeking comfort in me.”

“I saw him before his procedure and immediately was struck by how sweet he was. After a few hours taking care of him at home from recovery, I knew he was special in a way I couldn’t describe. ”

“The physical aspect of your condition has a certain impact on your daily life. The small front ears slightly affect your directional hearing as they almost act as small earmuffs. He has adapted well to living with one eye. But I can say that his night vision is not as good as that of the other cats. His legs make him walk with his legs spread, but they do not cause pain or affect the way he plays or jumps. His mouth is probably the biggest physical factor. He strives to eat wet foods. He is on a dry food diet and has learned to pull the tongue feed into his mouth instead of using his teeth. ”

“A normal day for Frankie is to pick different places to snuggle up and sleep, ambushing me every morning while I have breakfast – he likes to try to get on my leg and run like a lunatic.”

“He loves to play with his brother Lucius Malfoy and annoy his older brothers, Minako and Toothless.”

“And he sleeps a little longer than normal… well, much longer than normal. After that, he decides it’s time to piss the dogs off. He’s a very cheeky cat. ”

“His personality is very sassy, ​​but he does well because he is also very sweet. He is not overly intelligent, which has been a common trait observed in other 4-eared cats. I doubt he would do well on his own outside. He would see a car and think it was something to play with. But he is so loving and caring and always seems to feel when I had a hard day. I’d almost say he has a dog personality.

Frankie is living proof that a pet’s beauty lies within it. He and his humans are lucky to have each other and something tells me everything will be all right.

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