Cats act as a protective shield against negative energies


Even if you don’t believe it or find it difficult to relate it, cats have the ability to protect us against the bad energies around us. They act as a protective layer in the spiritual world to stop anything that tries to harm us.

Those who have had cats, know that they are very tender and independent animals but that is not all, they are enigmatic animals and we all agree that these animals, that many of us have as pets, are full of superstitions.

Many people usually believe that these animals can even be animals of bad omen, consider them even demonic and all this because of the great powers they possess. Unfortunately, there is a lot of ignorance and sometimes cats are victims of these false relationships.

Positive animals


Cats instead of being bad are rather helpful to us even though many try to deny it. They can be very helpful to us, especially when it comes to energy.

The powers of cats

The energies, even if we don’t see them, exist, and not only that, but they also influence our plans and our day, so we must do something to keep them always balanced and avoid problems in our Destiny.


Cats can be the solution to this problem and that is that they are a shield against bad energies and can drive the negative energies out of our lives, they have the ability to remove all evil from us, at least the negative energies and entities that are close to us and want to harm us.


The cat’s aura not only protects whoever is close to him, but also to all his family, home and area in which the cat lives.
It is said that if a cat stays in a certain position in some corner of the house is because the cat senses some negative entity, even the way it behaves is a reflection of it.

They feel some discomfort

Another interesting aspect is that these animals sense where their owners have some discomfort and it is just because of this that they pose in areas where we feel the discomfort, this to relieve us.


These animals lead the cosmic energy and bring positive energy to the home, removing the evil entities from the houses, especially those of old houses, moreover they collect the bad energies and take them out of the house.

It is said that when Russians go to a new home, they allow a cat to visit the place for the first time, to scare away any unwanted entity that is there, especially in very old houses.

They transmit their positive energy


When a cat rubs itself against your legs, it does not mean that it wants food, it also indicates that the cat is transmitting its energy to you, its astral spirit. If the person moves away from the cat at that moment, it is only blocking that positive energy that the cat intended to give him.

Cats not only protect their owners but also protect the home, are astral beings with energy fields that will save us from attacks of bad energies, bringing us prosperity and welfare, not only a single person but everyone who lives in the home.

If you want to keep away the evil energies then adopt a cat and keep it at home, it will be your best ally.