Deaf Kitten Adopted by 2 Deaf Cats and they change his life Forever


The little kitten born and lived on the side of the road in North Carolina, USA and it is the only kitten that survived before the Sparkle Cat Rescue animal rescue team arrived in time.
The kitten is in a very poor condition. They have to bring it to the animal hospital immediately. Despite being sick and injured, the kitten still has a strong mind and tries to fight to survive unbelievably.

Kittens are fully rescued. And it never cried. Every day it is stronger and healthier with more and more happiness every day. With close care, kittens can quickly recover their bodies.


Until when it was about 3-4 weeks old, it was found that it was a deaf cat But that did not reduce the liveliness of ther kitten. In physical condition, at first, the veterinarian was not confident that it would survive. But ther kitten shows that it wants to live.

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