Amazing story of a disabled kitten learns to walk alone like a human

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In Indiana, a somewhat different kitten lives. Roo, the name they gave her, has her front legs retracted, but she herself doesn’t seem to realize that there’s anything weird about her. She walks like a human!

Realizing the kitten’s situation, a man built a ramp that led to the porch of his house so Roo could stop for food and get some attention. As he was preparing to move, he contacted the Clark County Official Humanitarian Association for the kitten.

“He feared the new tenants wouldn’t care about her,” said Peggy Campbell-Rensel, who works at the Clark County Official Human Association.

The shelter agreed to welcome Roo, and fell in love with her the moment she arrived. Seeing the twisted front legs, they didn’t know exactly how Roo could get around…

… until they saw her jumping, rolling and standing on her hind legs like a human.

The cat knows exactly how to get around, because she was born that way. Although everyone finds his methods absolutely adorable, for Roo, it’s just a normal part of life.

“She doesn’t realize she has a problem,” Peggy said.

Although everyone in the shelter loved to meet and pay attention to Roo, they hope to find a real family for her as soon as possible.

The kitten needs a family that understands their differences and can help her if she needs them, but most of the time, she will only need a lot of love.

Roo doesn’t seem to know she’s any different from other cats, and everyone expects to find a family for her that sees her in the same way.

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