Group of Animal Lovers Create “Catville” a US Sanctuary for Stray Kittens

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A group of people in the United States, seeing the plight of stray animals, decided to build a beautiful cat shelter. There are old, deaf kittens with missing teeth and young ones they are raising.

The group of animal lovers named the place “Catville” and set up each little house with great love. They have protection to keep heat, cold and insects away, letting only cats get in easily.

Some of the cats on arrival had serious health problems, one almost lost sight of one eye, but was rescued long ago, as were the others and taken to the vet for vaccination and treatment.

The installation is specially designed to encourage the conviviality of animals and to minimize any possible conflict.

“I think it’s important to mention that we no longer add cats to Catville. We feed the stray cats that meet us and provide outdoor homes to use. We welcome, treat, take photos, etc. However, we released them after that. It is important to keep the quality of life and environment safe for our feline family. We will never overcrowd. I would like to see more people involved in helping the animals. They need a lot of support, ”the owners concluded.

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