Kitten barely standing, appears in front of the double door that rescues her

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In April 2015, a cat left her baby, bleeding and suffering, in front of a couple’s house. The couple waited to see if she would return – but that didn’t happen. Suddenly the tiny, almost dead kitten became theirs.

kitten appears right door 1

The one-week-old kitten had blood in her eyes and mouth and still couldn’t open her eyes. His condition was obviously critical – and did not seem likely to survive.

kitten appears right door 2

Her mother probably abandoned her because she was very hurt, perhaps hoping someone would find her and save her life.

kitten appears right door 3

As the vet was closed that day, the couple cleaned it up as best they could and then decided to name her Penny.

kitten appears right door 4

When they finally got the animal to the vet, he found gravel in his mouth and found that his right side had been crushed by something – or possibly someone. There was also concern that she had not yet opened her eyes because of the amount of blood remaining there.

kitten appears right door 5

With the help of a rescue group, the couple took Penny home and continued to do their best to take care of her – and at about 3 weeks old, Penny finally opened her eyes.

kitten appears right door 6

As soon as Penny started to grow, it became clear that she was going to do more than just survive… she would prosper.

kitten appears right door 7

The lovely animal had beautiful eyes, and as her muzzle grew, her new “parents” noticed that because of the mouth injury, she seemed to be constantly with a proud look on her face.

kitten appears right door 8

Even the lack of the right upper tooth prevented it from growing and eating…

kitten appears right door 9

… And grow up…

kitten appears right door 10

Now Penny is a happy and healthy cat living a wonderful life.

If the couple had not believed in their recovery, Penny would have died that day!… Does their attitude deserve your LIKE?

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