Kittens flee their cages and venture into American shelter

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Beverly is the mother of four newborn kittens who was abandoned while still pregnant, but fortunately, a kind woman took them to the Columbia County Humane Society in Wisconsin. , at the end of November.

Since the family arrived at the shelter, Beverly has been adopted, but the four kittens are still waiting. Only they don’t wait for a seat! They are always up to some joke and entertaining the team.

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“They are the cutest kittens here and we already have some cute kittens, so they are really cute,” said Pat Klitzke, a board member of the Columbia County Humane Society. “Beverly was a little shy, but the boys were never shy. Bill likes to talk and attract attention. He plays a lot! They are all great friends who fight for attention. ”

By 7 am a few days ago, the four brothers were all snuggled in their box when they suddenly decided that they had had enough rest. On a whim, they tried to open their cage…

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… And to your happiness, the escape attempt really worked!

“This cage doesn’t close as well as the other cages and we usually have a clip on the door so it can’t open,” Klitzke said. “One of the employees must have forgotten to close the door.”

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Immediately, the kittens got out of their crate and started running while playing, security cameras caught the movement and alerted staff that something was wrong.

“We had a staff member come in to clean cages around 8:30 am, so we let the kittens loose until the clerk got there,” Klitzke said. “They have reached the top of our cages, but there is still a long way to the ground. So they spent their time running around the top of the cages, about three meters long. They were released about an hour and a half. ”

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Watching security camera footage, staff members couldn’t help but smile at how kittens were having fun. They seemed so excited that they somehow managed to make the great escape.

Of course the fun had to end eventually, and soon the kittens were back, probably exhausted from their makeshift adventure and planning the next.

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