Kitty takes advantage of mom not looking to pinch her tortillas until caught by her  

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He was rescued from the streets as a baby, and taken to an animal shelter in Philadelphia. But in recent weeks Cowboy, the name they gave him, had a respiratory infection, and Cat Keegan, a shelter volunteer, offered to adopt him while she was curing.

It was only after a few days that she realized that this defenseless little animal was not that defenseless.

Despite being a newcomer, Cowboy is the leader of the three-pack cat that Cat has. He is always going into things and places he should not.

“He is an expert at troublemaking and is too smart for his own good,” said the foster mother.

Among its many prowess, the cat has already rummaged through the garbage, opened and stolen food from the fridge, and more. He is always looking to eat things he should not be eating.

“The mission of your life is to eat human food,” said Cat. “I often have to put him in a separate room to cook and eat. He even tries to steal bites on the other side of a burrito or slice of pizza. He licks a bowl of pasta sauce until clean if he can. ”

In addition to volunteering at the shelter, Cat is also a veterinary technician at a hospital, so she is quite adept at keeping up with Cowboy’s antics.

Sometimes even though her foster mother is ready, the cat is too fast!

One day, returning home from grocery shopping, the woman went to the bathroom to wash her hands for no more than a minute…

… but for Cowboy, that was more than enough time to rummage through grocery bags and tear up a packet of tortillas.

“He bit every tortilla in the package,” said Cat. “20 tortillas.”

In less than a minute, Cowboy was able to bite each of the tortillas and his mother wasn’t sure whether to be angry or impressed.

“He specializes in this now,” said the foster mother.

Seeing her mother arrive, the kitten still tried to steal a tortilla so she could taste it somewhere “safe,” but her mother stopped him. Even so, he managed to do a lot of food damage in no time and is probably already planning his next plan.

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