Man jumps into a sewer to save kitty that was trapped there

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A newborn kitten was hiding in the engine of a car while it was parked on a street. When the driver got into the car, the cat was startled by the noise of the engine and jumped out of the car looking for another refuge, whereupon he fell into a sewer hole and was trapped inside!
When Avi Kuzi learned of the case, he rushed to the rescue without thinking twice:

“I need to help the animals no matter how big the challenge,” said Avi, who is a born animal protector, having saved hundreds of animals.

“It’s not just that I love animals,” he said, “It’s so much more than that, they’re part of me, they’re in my blood, they’re an extra sense in my body.”

Avi later told that the kitten is very well right now!

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