Meet Matilda, a cat with the biggest eyes in the world


Meet Matilda, the cat with the biggest eyes in the world, is a very sweet 2-year-old cat. She has a mysterious eye condition, which has caused the eyes to grow much larger than normal, so far has not slowed or slowed the growth.

Matilda’s human parents said they adopted the cat from a rescue group in 2013, and at that time her eyes were normal size and healthy. But one day, one eye turned black, as if without light, so her worried family looked for experts to find out what was going on.


“After we take the cat to a specialist we find out that it is a spontaneous dislocation of the lens, which means that the lens is separated from the rest of the eye for unknown reasons,” the family said. “This is the mysterious part of the problem as she is a healthy cat.”

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