Meet ‘Rubble’, the oldest cat in the world who has just turned 31!

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the oldest cat in the world

Rubble (Rubble) is a kitten currently living in Exeter, England, and was born in May 1988.

the oldest cat in the world

He was adopted by a woman named Michele Foster when she was only 20 years old.

worlds oldest cat

At the time, Michele lived alone in London and as she moved constantly, she decided to adopt a kitten, so that she could have company and no longer feel so alone.

world's oldest cat

More than three decades later, Rubble now celebrates his 31st birthday next to the owner, who has reached the age of 51 – this “brand” is almost twice what a kitten usually lives.

world oldest cat

Apparently he is the “oldest cat in the world” today, but he still has to live another 8 years to break the record of Puff, a beautiful cat who lived between August 1967 and August 2005.

world oldest cat

Michele, however, is not very concerned about this from the Guinness Book and says it would bother the cat: “I’m not sure if he would like many people to come to see him or a fuss being made because of him. Rubble is old and doesn’t like much attention or being bothered, ”she explains.

Rubble suffers from high blood pressure and needs to take medication constantly. The price of old age comes to everyone as we know.

oldest cat picture

Michele, who never had babies, believes that Rubble’s longevity is due to the overzealous care he takes. Rubble also had another feline sister, who, according to her owner, lived for more than 25 years.

oldest cat on earth

We cat lovers want Rubble to break the record, of course!

Long live for little Rubble, our sincerest wishes! Congratulations Rubble!