Monty, the kitten with Down’s syndrome that stole the hearts of millions of people

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Monty’s story began in Denmark, where he spent three years in a
pet protection organization waiting for a family to adopt him. But people used to reject him because his physical appearance was a little different from the rest. Until one day, Mikala Klein and Michael Bjorn fell in love as soon as they saw him and decided to rescue him and make him part of their family.

He looked very special and very sweet, and they didn’t hesitate for a second to adopt him.

The days passed and they realized that something strange was happening, the kitten could not control his sphincters while he slept and urinated frequently.

They took him to especially cats veterinary hospital to examine him and told him it was normal in older cats, but Monty was still too young for this to happen to him.


They had more cats at home and thought that Monty wanted to mark the territory in relation to the others and then thought about sending him to a house where he had no more cats.

But that decision saddened them and nothing was the same without him. So, sorry, they went back to look for him and decided to continue investigating until they detected that Monty had a genetic problem similar to Down’s syndrome in humans.


That was the real cause of the strange behavior and the appearance of his face.
Monty is very playful, always expresses his joy and feels happy with his family.


Since they shared his story she caused a sensation in social media. Currently, Monty has a Facebook page with over 300,000 followers.

He also has a brand of toys and other products, and everything that is collected on sale is destined for shelter where Monty was before being adopted.


This feline became a celebrity and with his tenderness stole our hearts!

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