Newborn kitten won’t stop smiling after being rescued

At only ten months old, the kitten Tulip has gone through numerous challenges in her short life. Still, she lets herself open a friendly smile of gratitude every day.

Newborn kitten won't stop smiling after being rescued

Tulip,a stray cat Rescued from the streets of cold Ontario, Canada, she was taken to a special animal rescue site when she was two weeks old. Then, they discovered that she suffered from a widespread eye infections.

Not that it made her feel discouraged: on the day she arrived at the cats adoption center, Tulip smiled at the photo that the volunteers would put on the site (to promote the adoption process). Even, thanks to this photo, a family would find her weeks later, willing to adopt her.

The couple, Jenn and Chris spent months looking for a partner for their cat Pine cone until they found Tulip and her beautiful smile on an NGO website.

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