Stray Kitten Walks In Shop Window To Play With Decoration

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Ahmet Selki is a cat lover who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, but recently he witnessed a rather unusual scene while working.

There was a kitten staring at a window of clothes as if something had caught his attention.

As shown in the video, it was clear that the animal was not interested in the clothes, instead he wanted the little colored balls that were on the floor of the shop window.

Decorating had worked, although the store was probably not expecting to attract such a customer. Regardless, the cat had clearly found exactly what it was looking for.

Here’s the video of what happened next:

Inside the store, the cat continued to play for a while, receiving a remarkably warm welcome from staff. It turns out that this “purchase” may not have been so spontaneous after all.

“The people in the store didn’t look surprised,” said Selki. “I don’t think it was the first time it happened.”

Selki, who works with stray animals in her neighborhood, was inspired by the cat’s pleasure.

“I am planning to make a box of stray pet balls and invite them to have fun,” he said. “This video shows that animals need to have fun as much as they need food and shelter.”

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