Died Grumpy, the cat who inspired millions with her memes on the Internet

She became known as Grumpy Cat after her ‘boring’ snout starred hundreds of memes on the Internet.

from portaldoanimal.org

Although it has made many people around the world laugh since it became famous in September 2012, today’s news is not cheerful. The cat, whose original name is Tardar Sauce, died at the age of seven.

According to Metro UK, the animal may have contracted a urinary infection that has caused other health complications. In spite of all the medical treatment she was given, her family announced that she died on 14 May, in the arms of her mistress.

from portaldoanimal.org

The characteristic appearance of the animal, although caricature, was the result of a deformation caused by dwarfism. But it was the same aspect that ” helped millions of people smile.”

The image of Tard has become one of the first reaction gifs, used to communicate apathy, moodiness or cynicism. There are almost 40,000 results for “Grumpy Cat” in the Giphy.com aggregator. In 2015, she was honored at Madame Tussaud’s in San Francisco, and President Barack Obama mimicked her in describing the Republican Party’s perspective on America.

from portaldoanimal.org

Grumpy Cat toured the world making television appearances and in 2014 starred even in her own Christmas movie. Madame Tussauds in San Francisco even did a wax job for the kitty in 2015.

Now, May she rest in peace, for millions will certainly keep in their memories the hundreds of times that have been graced with their hilarious expressions.