Truck driver cries when reviewing his cat after 2 months apart: “It was a Christmas miracle ‘

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Traveling alone can be very lonely, especially for truckers living on the roads. But Matthew B. of Texas has no such problem. He and his three-year-old kitten named Ashes are inseparable companions and are always traveling the United States together.

Unfortunately, a few months ago, during one of these trips, the cat accidentally got out of Matthew’s 18-wheeler as they passed Springfield, Ohio. He was startled by an unfamiliar environment and ran into the bushes. The devastated owner frantically searched for his friend, but after much searching and having to meet deadlines, eventually returned to the road.

Over the course of two months, the truck driver did his best to rearrange the routes and be able to return to the same location in Ohio where Ashes was last seen. However, the cat was nowhere.

The Reunion

When Matthew probably thought he would never see Ashes again, he received a shelter call.

A woman named Kimberly T. noticed the kitten for a time of 13 degrees, seeking the attention of a stranger. “He was trying not to step on the floor, it was very cold,” she said. The woman took him to the animal rescue organization called ‘Lollypop Farm’.

Fortunately, Ashes had a microchip that helped track Mathew. Employees were quite surprised to find that Ashes was 2,357 km away from home.

“Our admissions team immediately looked for a microchip, as with all incoming pets. Not only did he own one, he had an owner who had registered him under a Texas address over 2,357 km away! This was a kitten that crossed a country, ”the organization said.

Matthew was relieved to find that his beloved feline was safe and sound. During the meeting, he wept as he embraced Ashes and called it a “Christmas miracle.”

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