Woman hugs cat no one wanted to touch and he thanks with the “sweetest meow”


A woman hugged a homeless cat that nobody wanted to touch, The cat was so grateful, he thanked her with the sweetest meow.
Valentino had a very hard past. No one knows his story, but it’s clear that his life has been very difficult.

When Elaine Seamans went to the medical wing of the Baldwin Park Shelter, she was shocked to see the condition of the kitten. The cat was pure mange, covered in dirt and suffering from a disease called sarcoptic mange, which is highly contagious. Their eyes were so infected they were completely glued together.


“Seeing him in that state broke me, knowing how defeated he must have been feeling,” Elaine told Love Meow. “I opened his cage after being shocked by his appearance. He got up and almost fell, but turned around and came to me. Valentino stretched his little paw and cried for help”.

Elaine wasn’t afraid of his illnesses and held him in a big hug, which he had been waiting for so long.

Many thought he was on the verge of death, but his embrace somehow brought his life back to that fragile little body. He put his head on her shoulder and extended his paw with as little strength as he had, asking to be loved.

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